Friday, 5 August 2011

Welcome to my Rambling page

Just a quick welcome blog. At this stage, nobody knows this blog exists, so you could say there isn't much point in me writing this... Well the hope is that in future some people might actually like what I've written and scroll down to see this lying at the bottom of the page. Some hope.

I will be writing mostly on Charlton games, but if I watch something on the TV, such as the first game of the season between Hull City and Blackpool tonight (bet you can't wait), then I may write about that too. Also, any random games I end up attending will probably deserve a report - a sort of comparison to my usual match experience, and views on the different styles of play witnessed. Who knows. I could write anything at this stage and nobody would read it. One does hope this will change!

So my voyage into the new season starts here. I hope that you enjoy reading this blog (or enjoyed, seeing as this will be at the bottom of the page, and you'll have read the above first).

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