Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Things the Leyton Orient League Cup defeat has taught us.

(Much of this was already fairly clear, but has been clarified somewhat following tonight's thrilling encounter...)

1) Don't ever attend a League Cup match expecting a Charlton win. It won't happen, and if it does, it was a mere blip, a temporary shift from the norm. Lethargic, disjointed cup performances are a trademark of this club.

2) Underdogs always want it more. The body language of the players during penalties showed this more than anything. Orient cared, we didn't really.

Jordan Cook made a very promising start to his Addicks career
Photo © Keith Gillard
3) Of all the wide players Cook looks the most skilful, threatening and reliable. Green wasted a plethora of chances, Wagstaff flattered to deceive, his play rarely resulting in anything of substance. (The goal was deflected in, otherwise the keeper had it covered.) Cook's trickery and delicate touches often found him space, before passing to a threatening position for one of the other two to miss from. His long pass into Waggy's feet on the counter set up our goal. His late substitution might well indicate Powell's desire to start him on Saturday.

4) David Mooney is still laughably bad. Three chances fell to him in the first half, with his best effort equating to that of a soft backpass to the keeper. The crowd behind Hamer's goal were always alert in case the ball came their way, but they needn't have worried given his shots are as powerful as a Reliant Robin (only much less reliant.) Early in the second half he pulled out the most adventurous dive, and bought Orient a penalty. Thrilled with his work, Mooney decided he should be rewarded by taking the spot kick. Few envy the crossbar, which took a hammering from his attempt. A miss. Substituted on 60 minutes. His performance served as a reminder of what horrors haunted us in League One...

5) Smith needs somebody to play off him properly as he struggles big time when isolated.

No longer will the FA stand for abuse. Of water bottles.
6) Referees remain over-officious. More pressingly, they have been urged to ensure the safety of touchline water bottles this season. It is now an offence to harm them in any way. Well, clearly it must be, following the 4th official's demand that Chris Powell must be banished from the vicinity for causing undue harm to the poor things.

7) Orient players were clearly miffed at their omission from the GB Handball team competing at London 2012.

8) Kermorgant is still my favourite player. Nothing will ever change that.

9) We can be too keen to pump the ball long in search of a goal. The cute passing game of the early first half was replaced by aimless long passes, of which none resulted in much.

10) Kerkar isn't very good in the air at all. He seems to get lost when looking upwards, unable to judge the flight of the ball, or even jump. His defensive ability doesn't fill you with confidence either, but he's got an exceptional eye for a pass. An encouraging debut nonetheless.

11) The draw for the second round is tomorrow, and we won't be in it. Also, very few people seem concerned about this.

12) Chris Powell can kick as many water bottles as he likes and we will all still love him.

13) Never read too much into a Cup match that really seemed to be treated as a pre-season friendly predominantly for our second string. 

Bring on Birmingham. 

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